A Parent's Guide To Concerts

Who are all those bands, anyway?

Why Are We So Nostalgic for Music We Loved as Teenagers?

I still say today’s music is better and more diverse.

Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman and his daughter Sierra on why it’s OK to take your parents to Warped Tour (and, parents, don’t hover!).

P.S. A free ticket for your mom or dad again this year.

Kevin Lyman on Warped Moshing

You’ll see the signs all over Vans Warped Tour this summer…


But guess what…??


Kevin Lyman, founder of the Vans Warped Tour, says they probably won`t actually kick anyone out for moshing… but they want this year`s fans to be careful and take responsibility.

(We caught up with Kevin in Mountain View, California, where he and a team of volunteers and parents had just finished loading hundreds of cases of cans into trucks for local food shelters.)

Crowdsurfing and moshing CAN get you hurt if you get dropped or trampled on the hard concrete. So be careful out there!

(And — please — try not to crowdsurf upside down!)



Warped-lite for Parents

OK, so you’ve seen the news about a free ticket available for a parent who takes their kid to Warped Tour. 

But, if you’re a parent who isn’t into metalcore and other really loud stuff, is there anything to see? YES!!  The Van’s Warped Tour is a wonderful place to sample new music from bands you might not have heard of, as well as old favorites. Much of today’s music is very parent-friendly, and Warped Tour recruits talented bands with talented musicians. Here is a starter list of bands that should be great for parents:

  1. Anything in the Acoustic tent – Warped’s best musicians drop by to play acoustic sets. Different line-ups every day. It’s phenomenal.
  2. Bad Rabbits – With the funkadellic tones these guys are pumping out, you will swear it’s the 1970s
  3. Echosmith – This family band of 4 from SoCal have heartfelt, singable songs delivered vocally by their angelic lead singer Sydney Sierota.
  4. The Maine – Lead John O’Callaghan is a big fan of Steely Dan and other 70s, 80s and 90s rock, and it shows in the sophistication of their solid rock n roll tunes.
  5. Yellowcard – You probably know a couple of their songs like Ocean Avenue, and their newest material is equally great. Fun rock and roll, but often poignant lyrics.
  6. Anthony Raneri – The lead singer for Bayside also plays sets regularly in the Acoustic Tent. His operatic voice is a treat.
  7. We Are The In Crowd – bouncy fun songs with energetic performances,
  8. Elder Brother – Kind of The Guess Who meet Panic! At The Disco.
  9. Bowling For Soup – If only so mom can dance to that song “1985”
  10. Beebs And Her Money Makers – Even if the rock/ska tunes aren’t your thing, these guys are an energy boost and a visual treat!

There are many other great parent-friendly bands (Bayside, Mayday Parade, ACIDIC, Anberlin, I Fight Dragons, etc , so look for more later.

Oh, and you might or might not like the rap from K.Flay, but be sure to remind your kids that she’s a Stanford Alumna!

P.S. If it’s too loud for you, (1) bring concert ear plugs and (2) step back to the sound cage, where the music usually sounds best anyway, and (3) seek refuge in the Parents’ Tent.

Vans Warped Tour - More Good News for Parents

From the Warped Tour FAQ:


Warped offers one complimentary parent/guardian admission to accompany a minor (under 18) that has purchased a ticket to a 2014 Warped Tour show. The complimentary ticket can only be picked up at the yellow top Vans Warped Tour guest list tent located near the front entrance of the venue. The complimentary ticket is non-transferrable and the patron must show proof (actual ticket, receipt or electronic order confirmation) at the tent. Limit one complimentary ticket per party.


The ultimate perk for parents, the Reverse Daycare Tent is an air-conditioned chill zone for parents who escort their teens to the concert but crave a break from the heat and music. Here parents can relax, enjoy a cool beverage and interact with some of the family-friendly products in the tent. (Closing at 6PM)